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full movie Race 2 The frame is crowded with good-looking people, mouth-watering cars, casinos, gargantuan hotels, planes and yachts. The money being tossed around is, and I hope you’re sitting down for this, 15 billion Euros. It’s the good life, and because this is a comic book, there are no consequences. So in the first few minutes, Deepika Padukone as the luscious Elena (described as ‘half-sister, full shaani’), murders a man and coolly walks out of the frame with hair artfully blowing back.

full movie Race 2 I went into Race 2 totally prepared to have a blast, but here’s the shocker: The first half is just plain boring. Once you’re done admiring Istanbul’s stunning locations, Deepika’s sheer gorgeousness and John Abraham’s carbohydrate-defying abs, there isn’t much to do.

full movie Race 2 The fun only starts post-interval, when Race 2 becomes a heist movie. The loot is – and I hope you are still sitting down – the Shroud of Turin. Then the plot twists and turns and climaxes with a laugh-out-loud action sequence on a plane.

full movie Race 2 The first Race was also pure popcorn, but the twists were delicious and the characters were interesting. Here, writer Shiraz Ahmed and Abbas-Mustan were relying so much on style that they forgot about screenplay – this is a film in which even character artiste Rajesh Khattar gets a high-speed-walk moment.

full movie Race 2 The action sequences are hobbled by lame special effects. And there aren’t any killer lines – though I probably will remember Anil Kapoor as ex-cop Robert D’Costa telling his new assistant Cherry, played by a cheerfully ditzy Ameesha Patel: ‘Cherry I don’t have time to pop your cherry’.

full movie Race 2 Look hot, act cool, fight tough. When it comes to action thrillers, Abbas-Mustan obviously stick to that brief while instructing their cast. The idea has clicked for the director duo for years though they fell flat with Players last year.

full movie Race 2 Abbas-Mustan never believed in giving much of a brief to their writers, though. In most cases the script has indulgent winks at a foreign hit or two, suitably altered for desi tastes. Smart packaging and an engaging narrative style do the rest of the trick.

full movie Race 2 Race 2 sticks to these basics, except the part about engaging storytelling. Too much confusion is in store here as a mixmash of ‘inspirations’ unfolds. Scenes and situations you may have already seen on the Hollywood screen pile up. But there is another source of inspiration here. The first Race, a clever copy of the 1998 Hollywood B-flick Goodbye Lover, saw a monstrous box-office kill in 2008. On cue, Abbas-Mustan retain every formula that worked the first time- in terms of form, storytelling and even casting pattern. It’s the same race, only with more chaos.

full movie Race 2 So Saif Ali Khan does a dapper encore as the good bad guy. John Abraham fills in for Akshaye Khanna as Saif’s hunk of a nemesis. Jacqueline Fernandes coldly tries rehashing Katrina Kaif’s Zara zara touch me moves with Lat lag gayee, and Deepika Padukone amps up the oomph punch of Bipasha Basu in this sequel. The action scenes are a rehash- only bigger and more expensive- though they’ve given the girls some kickbutt stunts this time, too.

full movie Race 2 While on the plot, it would be interesting to play Race and Race 2 side by side on two adjacent screens, to check out if twists are introduced in the story at exactly the same points of the runtime. Like Race, the friction between the hero and the antihero is what drives the sequel. Once the girls enter the frame, it becomes clear- just as in Race- that romantic equations in this film are not what they seem.